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Cytovance begins construction of new GMP warehousing and manufacturing facility in Oklahoma, US


US-based biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing firm Cytovance Biologics has started construction of an expansion facility in Oklahoma, US, to include both manufacturing operations and GMP warehousing. The company specializes in the production of therapeutic proteins and antibodies from both mammalian cell culture and microbial fermentation. The new facility will be built by Capstone Construction and is scheduled to be completed by June 2014. It will house 20,000ft? of climate controlled and monitored GMP warehouse space and 10,000ft? of dedicated space for existing and future manufacturing operations. Initially, the cleanroom space will be used for weighing and dispensing activities. Cytovance senior vice president of Manufacturing Operations Don Wuchterl said the company’s new GMP warehouse will support incoming and outgoing supply chain activities and provide full segregation between incoming, quarantine, and released materials. «The additional manufacturing space will provide Cytovance with future expansion space to quickly meet our clients' contract manufacturing requirements," Wuchterl added. The company is expanding its capabilities in the areas of Microbial, Mammalian, and Fill Finish Operations with the addition of a new 1000L Microbial Fermenter, an Automated Fill/Finish machine, and a 2500L stainless steel bioreactor.

Source: manufacturing.pharmaceutical-business-review.com

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