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Taiwan looks to first vaccine against fatal H7N9 avian flu


Researchers in Taiwan plan to introduce the first vaccine against the H7N9 influenza virus strain months after health officials in the country confirmed the first case of infection by the virus, as reported Breitbart Monday.

«We plan to start Phase II clinical [trials] in March," said Su Ih-jen, director of Taiwan’s National Institute of Diseases and Vaccinology at the National Health Research Institutes (NHRI), adding that late-stage studies will begin in June.

Ih-jen indicated that NHRI will have the capability of producing 200 000 doses of the vaccine after Phase III trials are completed.

As of August, the World Health Organization had been informed of 135 confirmed cases of H7N9 infection, including 44 that resulted in death.

Source: firstwordpharma.com

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