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Oral insulin will open up new market: Biocon


Biocon said that its tie-up with Bristol Myers-Squibb is on track to deliver an oral insulin drug in India within three years, as reported Business Line.
Biocon is working with Mylan under an agreement to develop and market an insulin drug derived from Sanofi’s Lantus.
Biocon’s Chairman and Managing Director Kiran Mazumdar Shaw said that «Biocon and Mylan are developing a portfolio of biosimilar drugs… Herceptin is one. Another is Avastin.»
Shaw noted that the company is expecting 20 percent of its overall business revenue to stem from biosimilars by 2018, a majority of which will be diabetic drugs.
Biocon reportedly holds 15–20 percent market share in the Indian insulin market, which is estimated at Rs 750 crore.

Source: firstwordpharma.com

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