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Russian Ministry of Health intends to remove inefficient drugs from the market


The Russian Ministry of Health plans to change the procedure of drugs registration. According to professor Vasily Vlasov from the First Moscow State Medical University, many medical products that are now offered in the drugstores are the old medications. According to the experts, such drugs make from 40 to 80% of the product range. Some customers like them and they buy these drugs in large volumes. Thus, such drugs are inefficient, but rather profitable.

The current legislation stipulates 2 reasons for drugs withdrawal from the market: a recall of the drug by the manufacturer or when drug is identified to be unsafe. There have never been cases of drug withdrawal from the Russian market due to its hazard identification, Vlasov said. Even if a drug was declared unsafe in some other countries, the manufacturer just recalled it from the Russian market.

According to Vasily Vlasov, the efficiency of most of the drugs is low. Special clinical trials are to be performed to prove their efficiency. In many countries the new medical products should be clinically tested before entering the market, said Vlasov. In Russia, the trials are mostly performed by simplified procedures.

Source: vesti.ru

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