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AstraZeneca announces full-year 2012 results


AstraZeneca revealed that during its fourth quarter and the full year of 2012, its revenue declined 15% to $27,973 million. Loss of exclusivity on several brands and the disposals of Astra Tech and Aptium were the key drivers of the revenue decline. In 2012 the revenue in emerging markets was up 4%, and in Russia — up 17%.
The key products that remain under patent protection showed high sales performance in 2012. In addition, the company has made a significant progress in drug portfolio development. In particular, AstraZeneca received the approval of new drugs for type 2 diabetes, thyroid cancer and infectious diseases treatment in Europe.

The company has invested in business development opportunities, including partnership with Amgen, acquisition of Ardea Biosciences, and inclusion of Amylin portfolio.

Dr Pascal Soriot, CEO, AstraZeneca, while commenting on the results, said that, «Our performance in 2012 reflects a period of significant patent expiry and tough market conditions globally. Despite the challenges we face, I am excited about AstraZeneca’s fundamental strengths which will be key in returning the company to growth and achieving scientific leadership while maintaining our reputation for strong financial discipline.»

In 2012 the sales growth in Russia was up 17%. According to IMS, AstraZeneca is among top 4 pharmaceutical companies in terms of growth in the Russian prescription drugs market. The company’s growth in the retail segment is half ahead of the market. In Russia AstraZeneca shows the high growth in socially important areas such as cardiology and pulmonology (up over 20%).
Nenad Pavletic, President, AstraZeneca Russia commented, «Our strategy to work in Russia and develop innovations for the benefit of Russian patients remains unchanged. We intend to become one of the market leaders, using the potential of our innovative products portfolio, introducing innovative business models and investing our efforts in people and improvement of standards of ethical business development».

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