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RealCosmetics is a new “APTEKA-2016” exhibitor


The company is engaged in production of cosmetic products.

In addition to contract manufacturing of cosmetics for customers and partners, the company is actively developing its own produce. Its own brand of cosmetic products RCS ensures proper cosmetic treatment for complex skin conditions.

The series includes the following products:

  • for treatment of oily skin and problem acne-prone skin
  • for treatment of dry/very dry, sensitive and atopy-prone skin
  • means for intimate hygiene

What benefits can drugstores receive from buying the RCS series?

  1. Widespread dermatological diseases* cause a high demand for special cosmetics. The expansion of the category range provides sales growth.
  2. RCS cosmetics facilitate solution of dermatological problems and can be recommended when purchasing specialized medicines thus increasing the “average receipt”.
  3. The series is based on components with a high safety profile, therefore the cosmetics can be recommended even for people with very sensitive skin. RCS extends the supply for this group of patients and increases sales.
  4. All active ingredients have proven efficiency that provides trust of customers and high demand.
  5. The series is based on high-quality raw materials of European producers that guarantee its quality level in line with luxury brands, customer satisfaction and high liquidity of the products.
  6. Attractive prices compared to those of market leaders stimulate buying activity and increase turnover.
  7. Stable demand and high marginality per unit of produce ensure high profits.

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