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"Secrets Lan" represents transdermal patches TM "YUKAN"


YUKAN herbal patches can make you feel better and ease your movements. The secret of the plasters is the combined effect of herbs, essential oils and tree resins. Transdermal patches provide essential concentration of active ingredients in a certain area, for example in case of pain in the back, neck, lower back and joints.

What are transdermal patches?


Modern herbal patches are so-called “dry drips”. Their effect is based on the skin’s ability to breathe and absorb useful components. In contrast to creams and ointments, essential oils do not evaporate because the patch has a protective layer made of fabric. Skin is an excellent way to deliver many medicinal substances. It is particularly effective when it is necessary to create a high concentration of the latter in a particular area.

YUKAN Patches are developed and produced in leading Chinese factories, which comply with International Quality Certification GMP.

YUKAN herbal patches can be applied by children aged over 3 years.

Benefits of YUKAN herbal patches

  • 100% natural product of natural origin;
  • Effective way to prevent and fight symptoms of many diseases;
  • Instant and long-term effect;
  • Simple and easy use;
  • No harmful effect on liver and gastrointestinal tract;
  • No contraindications in terms of comorbidities and chronic diseases.

Zhuifeng transdermal patch


Zhuifeng transdermal patch improves local blood circulation and relieves pain of different nature. This patch can be used as additional means for treatment of rheumatism, arthritis, myositis, intercostal neuralgia, radiculitis, osteochondrosis, pains in the lower back, paralysis of limbs, convulsions.

For more information please call us: 8-800-77—567—88 (toll-free in Russia) or visit our website www.yukan.ru

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