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Effective products for skin protection and rejuvenation from LIGHT LAK, a regular participant of APTEKA exhibition


New professional Bioton Lux cosmetics based on biogenic water enriched with hydroplasma concentrate allows rejuvenating and improving skin, relieve allergic reactions and strengthen immune system.

From the very first application of Bioton Lux cosmetics you will notice a remarkable result: the appearance of your skin will change, it will become extremely beautiful, smooth, silky and radiating.

An ongoing quality control and researches that confirm the effectiveness of Bioton Lux products guarantee high quality of the products much valued by women.

Bioton Lux cosmetic line offers the following advantages:

  • it targets the main sources of aging allowing to preserve the skin’s youth;
  • nourishes the skin with clinically tested anti-aging components, fosters reduced pigmentation for a brighter and more radiant skin;
  • suits all types of skin;
  • increases and support moisture retaining ability of the skin, improves its moistening.

Source: biotonlab.ru

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