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APTEKA 2015 exhibitor’s reviews


“Geopolitical and economic factors indeed reformat the whole pharmaceutical industry and the pharmacy services market. As we all know, the role of such events as exhibitions has significantly increased. On one hand, they should help the newly emerging manufacturers to enter the market, and the already-existing — to conquer new niches, as well as specify the new place in the Russian market of our respected Western partners. On one hand, we have to work with our local products, and on the other hand, we should focus the authorities and the major business associations like the Chamber of Commerce on representing domestic business interests through participation in the business programmes”

Anna Palagina, director of the department of entrepreneurship and services of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation

“Our company’s history began in 1995 when we visited one of the first ‘APTEKA’ exhibitions and saw the demand for commercial equipment for pharmacies. Thus, the exhibition played a key role in our company’s strategy. Since 1996 we have been a regular exhibitor of the show. This forum provides an opportunity to assess ourselves through the eyes of our customers. Why do we need it? To serve our customers, the residents of Russia. Last year we had more than 100 contacts at ‘APTEKA’. We did not just exchange the business cards; we were talking to people: we asked questions, visitors asked questions — we spoke. I believe that the exhibition should develop as an industry-specific event and remain an all-Russian forum for professionals”

Yuriy Kazmin, general director, “Design-Vektor”

“We are ready to offer modern and effective medicines in oncology, hepatology and infectology. We are looking for an exclusive distributor in the Russian market, which we would like to find at the exhibition”

Ali Santa Marta, general director, Catalysis S.L. (Spain)

“Health lifestyle and sports become very popular. Now people are showing interest in healthy products — not the counterfeit Chinese food supplements, which had flooded the market in the 90s. At the exhibition we are looking for pharmacies in Moscow region, St. Petersburg, Voronezh, Nizhny Novgorod and other cities for distribution of our products”

Sergey Romanenko, Centre of Cluster Development of Irkutsk Region

“Our company manufactures natural food supplements for four years and holds a leading position in the Indian market. At ‘APTEKA’ we present our products for the first time in Russia, and study opportunities and prospects for our products distribution”

Dr. Gaurav Sharma, executive director, Dr.G Wellness Pvt. Ltd. (India)

“Despite the difficult geopolitical situation in the world, we consider Russia as a reliable partner of Jordan. That’s why we are here at APTEKA” exhibition, using a great opportunity to find distributors in different Russia’s regions“

Mohammed Raja, technical director, Sukhtian-HTM (Jordan)

“If we are at the exhibition, we do not just exist: we are working and striving for new heights, and always reach our goals”

Pavel Schelokov, head of “Appolo” project

“The Republic of Buryatia, Irkutsk and Chita regions lie on the banks of Lake Baikal, where people use traditional Oriental medicine for centuries. The purpose of the ‘World’s Traditional Medicine Systems’ is to show all the achievements of Buryatia in this area to as much healthcare professionals as possible. We are proud to have own oriental medicine in Russia. This is especially relevant in the import substitution process, during turning to all Russian, when the Russian Oriental medicine could find its niche in health improvement of the people of Russia”

Irinchey Matkhanov, Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Moscow

“Unfortunately, our healthcare specialists underestimate the modern medical systems. Their role is reduced to healing, and for us it is very important to change this position of the medical community. That is why we decided to organize ‘World’s Traditional Medicine Systems’ forum. It is a platform for cooperation of medicine systems, the place where we can discuss common goals and objectives of treatment standards formation. This is our first experience, and we hope that the forum will be attended by physicians, healthcare authorities and experts in various fields of medicine”

Liliya Monasypova, head of medical department, Ayurveda Russian-Indian Association (ARIA)

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