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PharmSM becomes new partner of APTEKA 2015

PharmSM becomes new partner of APTEKA 2015 09.11.2015

PharmSM is a software for consolidated price list and convenient drug ordering for pharmacies and distributors pharmaceuticals in Russia. It is a powerful and universal tool for working with network and non-network retailers throughout the country, including the two capitals and other big cities of Russia.

Today PharmSM connects 370 suppliers of pharmaceutical products and over 8,000 pharmacies, hospital and outpatient clinics in Russia.

Among our clients there are both small retail pharmacies and big pharmacy networks, including NEOFARM, IFK, TORRO, SOLNYSHKO, TETRA TK, Domfarma, Mitsar-N, Panatseya, FORTE, FarmProgress, Podol’skoye RAYPO, Gorodskiye Apteki.

PharmSM is developed and owned by RussSM:

Phone: +7 (495) 788-83-62; www.russm.ru, e-mail: mail@russm.ru

PharmSM today:

  • Over 8000 pharmacies
  • 370 suppliers (manufacturers and distributors)
  • Moscow, Moscow region, cities of central Russia
  • Monthly turnover: 4 billion roubles
  • Daily electronic orders from pharmacies to suppliers
  • Daily information update
  • New members join the network every day
  • Technical support.

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