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APTEKA exhibition introduces new partner: www.Vrachivmeste.ru social network for physicians


Distance learning, live broadcasts of conferences, symposia, round tables, webinars — all these make www.Vrachivmeste.ru a unique medical portal for professionals. Over the past 4 years the portal held hundreds of webinars and online broadcasts. Grateful feedback of speakers, companies and physicians — the audience of the events organized by the portal proves the professionalism of the portal’s team. www. Vrachivmeste.ru social network has more than 55 million users. Visit www.Vrachivmeste.ru and participate in its educational programmes!

www.Vrachivmeste.ru offers a wide variety of scientific and medical information, news about medical conferences and forums, job vacancies, as well as an opportunity to share professional experiences, to express opinions, to communicate with colleagues, to participate in online learning activities, to watch videos of the conferences and congresses, interviews with leading specialists, educational films, master classes, etc. www. Vrachivmeste.ru is a community of health professionals, and you are welcome to join us!

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