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DAOMED: new exhibitor at APTEKA 2014


DAOMED, an exclusive trade representative of DAO treatment and rehabilitation centre in the Russian market offers herbal remedies based on traditional Chinese medicine that were adapted for Russia.

The company distributes herbal remedies for treatment and prevention of cold — «Li Fei», for digestive system maintenance — «Pi Wei Bao» and «Gan Bao Van», and for immune system — «Ming Pao».

The creators of these formulas are the medical practitioners who are striving to integrate all the best of today’s Chinese and Western medicine.

The combination of two different approaches — a holistic approach to the human body in the Chinese medicine and discoveries and achievements of the modern medicine opens up many naturopathic prospects.

The Company conducts clinical researches in the leading centers in Moscow in order to prove the therapeutic and prophylactic effects of the herbal remedies.

The visitors of APTEKA exhibition are welcome to visit the Company’s stand where they can get useful information and expert advices of the products, as well as participate in exciting promotion events.

The detailed information is on www.daomed888.com

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