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“APTEKA” exhibition: taking care on future generation!


Children's products due to their specific features belong to a separate fast growing segment of consumer goods, marketed through the pharmacy networks as well. This is primarily related with the rise in births, and changes in consumer preferences. Quality products for children's nutrition and healthcare hold a special place among the pharmaceutical products showcased at “APTEKA 2014” exhibition.

A wide range of adaptive powdered infant formulas based on cow and goat milk, as well as nutrition for pregnant and lactating women of MD Meal brand will be demonstrated by “Open Distribution Company”, the exclusive importer and distributor in Russia.

Happis, the new Russian diapers manufactured by “Komfortika” combine Japanese quality and affordable prices. They absorb fluids within a few seconds, significantly reducing the harmful effect on the child's tender skin.

The Romanian company “Biopharm KO SA” offers careful parents to estimate a special segment of their products. It is very important to maintain a harmonious and healthy growth of the child's body, especially in the winter period. This could be easily managed with a wide range of Kavit Junior children's multivitamins.

“Modum – Nasha Cosmetiсa” Perfume and Cosmetic Factory is going to present the new line of Baby Friend special cosmetic for newborns especially for the visitors of “APTEKA 2014”. BABY FRIEND’s products moisturize and soften skin, restoring and maintaining the integrity of the lipid barrier. BABY FRIEND is an ideal choice for children aged 0 to 3 years with dry, sensitive, and atopic skin.

Forans, the leading manufacturers and distributors of medical products in Eastern Europe will showcase Medrull children’s plasters that can cope with any wound, even with the most unpleasant one. The funny tattoo pictures with cartoon characters will dry tears and delight any child.

See you at “APTEKA 2014” exhibition that will be running on 8-11 December 2014 in CEC “Expocentre”!

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