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APTEKA-2013: 1st day results


3 sections of the International Medical and Pharmaceutical Business Forum were held on 9 December 2013:

  1. Regulatory process in pharmaceutical industry. How to ensure the affordability of drugs?
  2. H-hour for the Russian pharmaceutical industry: GMP-2014
  3. System approach in pharmacy management

The International Business Forum was opened by the «Regulatory process in pharmaceutical industry. How to ensure the affordability of drugs?» section. The section’s moderator was Yuriy Krestinsky, the Director of the Institute of Institute of Public Healthcare Development.

Among the speakers there were Artem Yanovsky, representative of the State Duma Healthcare Committee, Elena Telnova, Leading Research Associate of the National Research Institute of Public Health, Alla Buylova, Adviser of the Department for Control over State Procurement of the Federal Antimonopoly Service, Alexander Alexandrov, President of «Vialek» Group, Auditor of the European Organization of Quality (EOQ), Alexander Saversky, President of the League for Patients' Rights Protection, Sergey Umarov, Research Consultant of «Massar. Complete Healthcare Solutions». The speakers presented the plans on legislative developments in drug circulation, analysed the issues of drug provision for the certain categories of citizens, the changes in state drug procurement procedure, spoke about the road map of GPP introduction in a pharmacy by experience of Kazakhstan, the role of patient organizations in the Russian healthcare system, and how a hospital pharmacy can become the treatment process driver in a medical and prophylactic institution.

APTEKA-2013: 1st day results APTEKA-2013: 1st day results

2. Section «H-hour for the Russian pharmaceutical industry: GMP-2014» was organized by the Association of Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and JSC «R-Farm». The section’s moderator was Victor Dmitriev, General Director of the Association of Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, who presented a report on «Adoption of new GMP rules: securing the status of the Russian manufacturer and wide opportunities for local manufacturers».

Among the section’s reporters there were: Irina Omolovskaya, Quality Director of «R-Farm», Alexander Alexandrov, President of «Vialek» Group, Chief Editor of «Chistyye Pomeshcheniya i Tekhnologicheskiye Sredy» magazine, Igor Korobkin, Deputy Director on International Business of «Stirolbiofarm» (Ukraine), Rimma Abramovich, Director of the Scientific and Research Centre of the Russian University of Peoples Friendship.

The section highlighted the issues of the advantages of Russian manufacturers by adopting the new rules, reasons for GMP inspections, the experience of Ukrainian manufacturers in GMP standards adoption, as well as the role, functions and training of the authorized person.

APTEKA-2013: 1st day results APTEKA-2013: 1st day results

3. «System approach in pharmacy management» was the topic of the third Forum’s section. The section’s moderator was Pavel Lisovsky, Managing Partner of «Control System Design», Adviser on Pharmacy Profitability Issues, who presented the report on «Introduction of efficient management system for pharmacy business profit increasing».

Among the section’s speakers there were: Sergey Shulyak, General Director of «DSM group», Vladimir Boyko, Commercial Operations Director of «МSD CC» in Russia and the CIS, Alexander Novolotsky, Director of «Aptekar» Information Centre. The section highlighted the topics of drugs and profits, new interaction model on the pharmacy chains market, role of software in pharmacy management.

APTEKA-2013: 1st day results APTEKA-2013: 1st day results

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