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“Medintercon” seminar within “Apteka-2013” exhibition: how to attract and to retain customers in a pharmacy using a unique innovative technology


On 10 December 2013 at 15.30-16.00 “Medintercon”* will hold a seminar “Health control electronic monitors: a modern pharmacy’s innovation. Social and economic aspects” within “Apteka-2013” exhibition (CEC “Expocentre”, Hall #2). Valeriy Zhidkov, President of “Medintercon”, a doctor by profession, will speak about the customers’ attraction and retention in a pharmacy by introducing the loyalty programme using a new service: self-control of the customers’ health by electronic monitors measuring 11 indicators. The Keito fully automated or semi-automated monitors can measure weight, height, blood pressure, pulse, body mass index, body fat index, lean body mass, etc.

*Since 1996 “Medintercon” is an official distributor of Aguiflai Iberica (Barcelona) and exclusive importer of Keito health control electronic monitors.
Details on http://medintercon.com/

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