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Seminar: “Pharmacy staff development: 12 steps from chaos to system”


On 11 December 2013 the CEC «Expocentre» will host the seminar: «Pharmacy staff development: 12 steps from chaos to system» organized by the «Farma-Fit» Ltd. within «Apteka-2013» exhibition. The seminar will be presented by Venera Khabirova, the Director of «Farma-Fit», the Candidate of Medical Sciences, a business coach and consultant on pharmacy staff development projects. The seminar will cover the following topics:

— Beautiful bait on a sharp hook. Pitfalls of pharmacy staff training events
— How to start learning in the office and how to optimize the pharmacy study group
— Pharmacy as a self-training organization. First steps and evolutionary development of the Own Project
— The most costly mistakes of retail pharmacists and HR management
— Important differences in pharmacy heads and retail pharmacists training
— They do not want to learn! Features of the self-motivating project

All participants will get a free electronic copy of a book «Pharmacy staff development: 12 steps from chaos to system».

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