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Dynamic Development Laboratories - new exhibitor "APTEKA 2013"


Dynamic Development Laboratories is a manufacturer of the specialized nutrition and pharmaceutical preparations. The Company was founded in 2003 at Mauritius, with its headquarters at Port Louis. In 2010 the development and promotion of SNS were allocated to the separate segment “Nutrition” with its headquarters in Spain. Dynamic Development Laboratories continued to apply the company’s traditional approach to production and development creating new foodstuff which complies with all requirements of the international pharmaceutical standards of quality.

At “APTEKA 2013” the Company will showcase the following products: Dynamic Arthro Help, Dynamic Real Provite 3600, Dynamic Super Energy, Dynamic BCAA Complex, Dynamic Guarana, Dynamic L-Carnitine 2700, Dynamic Magnesium Synergy 1000, Dynamic Power Speed Ultimate, Dynamic Amino Forte, Dynamic Night Amino, Dynamic Q10+VitaMineral Forte, Dynamic Q-Liquid 180.

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