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VALENTIS group of pharmaceutical companies at APTEKA-2013


VALENTIS is a group of pharmaceutical companies in Lithuania that formulate, produce and actively market innovative pharmaceutical preparations.

VALENTIS group embraces all stages of pharmaceutical product development. The group works in diverse fields of activity. We maintain contact with doctors and scientists in our search for fields in which existing medicine is failing in order to offer better alternatives. We formulate innovative pharmaceutical preparations, adapt production technologies, and either produce the medicines ourselves or contract production out to our partners.

Every new preparation is checked thoroughly for its effectiveness and potential side effects before it is released for mass production. During this stage evidence is collected for scientific justification and specialists in various fields are consulted. Our products are put on the market only when we are absolutely certain of their safety and efficiency.

The Company’s product range includes cold medicines, drugs for bones and joints, immune system, gastrointestinal tract, nervous system, medicines for external application, cosmetics for skin, hair, nail, as well as probiotics, adaptogens, vitamins, and other products.


You can get familiarized with VALENTIS group at APTEKA-2013 exhibition that will be held 9–12 December in CEC «Expocentre».

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