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International Trade Fair for Pharmaceuticals and Related Products “Apteka-2012” Post Release


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The 19th International Specialized Trade Fair APTEKA 2012 was held 3-6 December 2012 in Moscow, Expocentre Fairgrounds, within the WEEK OF RUSSIAN HEALTH CARE. It was organized by Euroexpo.

International Trade Fair for Pharmaceuticals and Related Products “Apteka 2012” is a top industry-specific event, which brings together pharmaceutical industry experts – manufacturers and distributors of medical products, representatives of pharmacies and pharmacy chains, pharmacists and chemists. Annually, the exhibition presents the whole variety of pharmacy products: medicines (drugs), medical accessories, biologically active and food supplements, baby food and baby products, dietary products, over-the-counter medicines, furniture and pharmaceutical equipment, pharmaceutical substances and materials, pharmaceutical and medical packaging, IT for pharmaceutics and medicine.

Visitors of the exhibition come from all the sectors of the medical community: doctors, pharmacists, developers, manufacturers and distributors of medical products and skin care products, representatives of health authorities.

250 companies from 19 countries took part in Apteka 2012: Armenia, Belarus, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Israel, Indonesia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Korea, Latvia, Russia, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine, USA. China, India and Poland were represented by national expositions.

Russia was represented by the following regions and cities — Barnaul, Biisk, Bryansk, Izhevsk, Kazan, Krasnodar, Murmansk, Orenburg, Novosibirsk, Nizhni Novgorod, Naberezhnye Chelny, Penza, Perm, Ryazan, St.-Petersburg, Stavropol, Samara Tomsk, Vladimir region, the Voronezh region.

The exhibition area this year is 5 800 sq m.

Over 10 000 specialists visited the exhibition.

An International Medical and Pharmaceutical Business Forum was held on December 3-5 within the framework of the exhibition. Around 50 experts – representatives of government institutions, heads of the branch associations and leading pharmaceutical companies, lecturers of leading higher medical educational institutions, employees of specialized publications for pharmaceutical professionals.

Mikhail Strigun, the Director of the Exhibition Department of Euroexpo, Dmitry Tselousov, Executive Director of Soyuzpharma Association, Nelly Ignatiyeva, Executive Director of the Russian Association of Pharmacy Chains, Mikhail Budenny, Deputy Director of Expocentre Guest Exhibitions Department, Galina Yuganova, Head of Organizing Committee of the International Medical and Pharmaceutical Business Forum took part in the Exhibition’s official opening ceremony.

In her interview to Euroexpo Nelly Ignatiyeva, Executive Director of the Russian Association of Pharmacy Chains, described Apteka as “a mirror which reflects everything that happens in the market, starting with the development of medical products up to demand on them” Ms Ignatiyeva also mentioned that the exhibition can be viewed as a splendid platform for experience exchange and a prolific source of information. According to the head of RAPC the exhibition has a critical meaning for the pharmacists: “Retail pharmacists need the latest information in the first place, which is provided by Apteka.”

Dmitry Tselousov, Executive Director of Soyuzpharma Association: “The exhibition is important for all the market players: from pharmaceutical producers to those who sell it. The exhibition has a large number of visitors from all over Russia. When I am on business trips around Russia a lot of pharmacists come up to me and ask about participation in the exhibition and Forum. They take almost a year to get ready for the event. This is why one should definitely not underestimate the exhibition, since it has a big importance for the pharmaceutical industry in Russia”.

Galina Yuganova, Head of Organizing Committee of the International Medical and Pharmaceutical Business Forum, outlined that since the exhibition is held in December it sums up the results of the year, demonstrating all the achievements of the industry. Besides the International Medical and Pharmaceutical Business Forum is a Platform for the discussion of new trends, prospects, problems and difficulties.

Forum Organizer: Euroexpo company with active involvement of leading pharmaceutical associations : Association of Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Russian Association of Pharmaceutical Marketing, “Pharmacy Guild” Non-Commercial Partnership, Russian Association of Pharmacy Chains, “Soyuzpharma” Association.

Program of the Forum:

· Development and implementation of reforms in pharmaceutical sphere

1.Reforms in pharmaceutical industry. Expert’s opinion.

2.Draft changes to the Federal Law “On Drug Circulation”. The role of experts’ society.

3.Changes in state purchasing of drugs for state and municipal needs.

4.Drug provision on the insurance principle. Treatment standards.

5.Russian clinical trials market: current situation and trends.

· Pharmaceutical production in the period of common economic space formation (Association of Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers)

· GMP inspection. Status and perspectives.

· Countermeasures against the counterfeit medicine trade in the context of “Medicrim”.

· The report’s topic will be specified later.

· Harmonization of the demands to post-graduate specialists’ training in pharmaceutical sphere in the period of common economic space formation.

· Pharmaceutical production in the period of common economic space formation (Association of Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers)

1.GMP inspection. Status and perspectives.

2.Countermeasures against the counterfeit medicine trade in the context of “Medicrim”.

3.Harmonization of the demands to post-graduate specialists’ training in pharmaceutical sphere in the period of common economic space formation.

· How to increase pharmacy business profitability in the competitive environment

1.A pharmacy trail: a highway or a country road?

2.Is there any competition in Russian pharmacy market?

3.Comparative characteristics of "new" and "old" products profitability and prospects.

4.How to find profitability potential in the pharmacy business.

5.Pharmacy in 2013. Internet sales: pros and cons.

· Pharmacy business in 2012: vectors of development (Russian Association of Pharmacy Chains)

1. “Forged together with one chain”: trends of pharmaceutical retail market development.

2.…street, drugstore… what else?

3.Crisis symptoms in pharmaceutical retail and possible parallels with the looming global economic crisis.

4.Ways to increase pharmacy business profitability.

· Hope for the best but be prepared for anything (“Soyuzpharma” Association)

1.The obvious theory and incredible practice of rulemaking in pharmaceutical market.

2.Consumer terrorism, or "the customer is always right”.

3.To calculate costs or to invest? What would happen if we knew all?

4.To live or to survive? The current pension system.

· Average bill secrets: from theory to practice (Master class of “Pharmacevtichesky Vestnik” newspaper and “Aptekar” magazine Moderator)

1.Why do we need this?

2.Why do we need a "script" of the dialogue with the customer?

3.Labyrinth of consumer loyalty: way out.

· A pharmacy and a customer (Organizer: “Pharmacy Guild” Non-Commercial Partnership)

1.What is more important: price or service level? Intricate networks: how to choose the format – intra-branch competition.

2.State regulation of pharmaceutical market: protection or excessive barriers? What a pharmacy can earn: external competitive environment.

3.The increasing role of pharmacies in ensuring drug consumers’ safety.

4.New requirements for the registration of cosmetic products in accordance with the Technical Regulations.

5.Programmes drug insurance and drug discounts as an efficient tool to attract new customers.

· Regulatory and supervisory activities in pharmaceutical sphere. Audits experience in accordance with the latest legislation changes

1. On regulatory and supervisory activities in pharmaceutical sphere. Audits and inspections: experience and results. Licensing of pharmaceutical activities.

2.Review and adoption of new regulations on pharmaceutical and other activities related with circulation of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors.

· Innovative technologies of "VITAUKT" herbal remedies: modern requirements, scientific novelties, development prospects

· Biologically active food supplements: products for health (Non-Commercial Partnership of Biologically Active Additives Manufacturers (NPP BAA)

1. Biologically active food supplements: what is that and why do we need them?

2. Food supplements market in Russia. Overview and development forecast

3. State regulation of food supplements production, sales and advertisement.

4. Biologically active food supplements in a pharmacy. Possible assortment.

· AptekaRos: a resource for a pharmacy business

1.Information and its role in pharmacy business success.

2.AptekaRos.ru: a resource for a pharmacy business.

· Pharmacies in the era of regulation changes. Opportunities and threats in 2013 (Russian Association of Pharmaceutical Marketing)

1.Main threats and opportunities for pharmacy business in 2013 and the following years

2.Trends analysis of OTC market entry of “big retail” operators

3.Presentation of successful projects of 2012 and trends of the development in 2012

4.Exchange of views on the perspectives and threats of the declared programme of co-financing of the prescription drugs

5.Conclusions on future association trends of pharmacy chains and / or their smooth growth


The International Medical and Pharmaceutical Business Forum is the most democratic platform to discuss critical industry issues.”

Galina Yuganova - Head of Organizing Committee of the International Medical and Pharmaceutical Business Forum

“The business program this year is so rich, that some managers of the enterprises have to engage their colleagues to attend the workshops of the Forum”.

Dmitry Tselousov - Executive Director of Soyuzpharma Association

“When working with pharmacies it is very important to master the information in advance. There is a hunger for information and people are using rumors. Such events allow you to get all the necessary information firsthand, from the lawmakers.”

Svetlana Kireeva - Head of an information centre Pharmacist from Novosibirsk

“Thanks to such events smaller players of the market can get more attention so that their interests are also taken into account. Such an information environment is very wholesome.”

Anna Shvaneva - pharmacy owner from Yakutia

Gray Quotation Marks Clip Art

Following speakers made reports at the Forum:

1 Rimma Abramovich- Director of the Scientific and Research Centre of the Russian University of Peoples Friendship;

2 Aleksandr Batoyan- General director OLEKSTRA Co Ltd;

3 Svetlana Abramova- Chef Editor on Special Projects of “Bionica Media”;

24 Elena Maksimkina- Director of the Department of State Control for Drug Circulation of the MoH of RF;

25 David Melik-Huseynov- Director of Social Economy Centre;

26 Konstantin Minin- General Director of “Stary Lekar” pharmacy chain;

4 Tatiana Apolonova- Executive Director of “Healthy People St. Petersburg”;

5 Andrey Baranov- Director of Newman Bauer Marketing Group- Chairman of the Association of Internet Marketing and Runet Web Development- member of the Russian Guild of Marketers;

6 Nikolay Bespalov- Director on Research and Consulting of “Pharmexpert”;

7 Vladimir Boyko- Commercial Director of Novartis Consumer Health;

8 Alla Buylova- Adviser of the Department for Control over State Procurement of the Federal Antimonopoly Service;

9 Victor Dmitriev- General Director of the Association of Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers;

10 Aleksander Friedman- General Director of Denis Pharm Group;

11 Ivan Glushkov- Director of the External Affairs Department of “STADA CIS”;

12 Andrey Gusev- General Director of “A5” pharmacy chain;

13 Nelly Ignatiyeva- Executive Director of the Russian Association of Pharmacy Chains;

14 German Inozemtsev- Strategy and Development Director of Synovate Comcon Healthcare- Co-Chairman of the Russian Association of Pharmaceutical Marketing;

15 Vladimir Itkin- Development Director of QlikTech Int.;

16 Eugeny Kardash- Director of Economic Security of “Polysan”;

17 Svetlana Kasina- Executive Director of the National Non-state Pension Fund;

18 Vladimir Kornyushin- Director of “MedInfoReview” Information and Analytical Centre;

19 Yuriy Krestinsky- Director of the Institute of Public Healthcare Development;

20 Irina Krupanova- Head of the Department of State Control for Drug Circulation of the Federal Service of Surveillance in Healthcare (Roszdravnadzor);

21 Tatiana Lagutkina- Professor of the Chair of Pharmacy Management and Economics of the Russian University of Peoples Friendship;
22 Vasiliy Laktionov- IT Deputy Director;
23 Pavel Lisovsky- Adviser on Pharmacy Management Systems and Business Optimization;

27 Sergey Morozov- Deputy Head of the Centre of Legal Technologies “Yurkom”;

28 Elena Nevolina- Executive Director of “Pharmacy Guild” Non-Commercial Partnership;

29 Elena Nikitina- Lecturer of the Chair of Clinical Nutrition of the Russian University of Peoples' Friendship;

30 Natalia Nikolaeva- Head of the Department of Organization of Licensing of Pharmaceutical Activities and Activities in the Sphere of Circulation of Narcotic and Psychotropic Drugs of the MoH of RF;

31 Marina Ponomareva- executive director of the Non-Commercial Partnership of Biologically Active Additives Manufacturers (NPP BAA);

32 Oksana Popova- Head of the Promotion Department of “Evalar”;

33 Larissa Popovich- Director of the Institute of Public Health Economy of the National Research University “Higher School of Economy”;

34 Tatiana Puchkova- Chairman of the Russian Perfumery and Cosmetics Association (RPCA);

35 Vladimir Razumov- Manager of State Authorities Relations of “Pertovaks Pharm”;

36 Alexander Semenov- General Director of “First Aid”;

37 Alexander Shishkin- General Director of “ASNA” ;

38 Sergey Shulyak- General Director of “DSM group”;

39 Ekaterina Sidelnikova- Head of Advertising and Promotion Department;

40 Nina Telpukhovskaya- training consultant- leading specialist in pharmaceutical business;

41 Konstantin Tiuniv- marketing director of “UMG”;

42 Dmitry Tselousov- Executive Director of “Soyuzpharma” Association;

43 Lyudmila Volkova- Doctor on Food Hygiene- Chief Executive of Medical Department of Leovit Nutrio”;

44 Svetlana Zavidova- Executive Director of the Association of Clinical Trials Organizations;

45 Ifrat Zilfakirov- Senior Researcher of the Department of Phytochemistry of VILAR State Research Institution of the Russian Agricultural Academy;

46 Anna Zocimova- General Manager of First Aid branch;

Workshops and round tables:

· Unique Altai products for the nation’s health improvement - The Altai Territory Administration and Noncommercial partnership "Altai bio-pharmaceutical cluster";

· Technological aspects of eyewear products sales in pharmacies and pharmacy chains - Polar Company;

· Mites: present-day situation. The easiest and safest way of mites’ removal – Dialogue-M Company

Over 1500 professionals took part in the Forum.

You can find more information about the Forum if you follow the link: http://www.aptekaexpo.com/forum/

This year a new event has been added to the vibrant schedule of the Forum - the Indian Business Forum, which was held in form of buyers and sellers of pharmaceutical products business meetings.

Director of the Department for Economic Development of the Yaroslavl Region, Alexander Shutov held talks with the representative of the Indian Pharmaceuticals Export Promotion Council (Pharmexcil) Roja Rani within the exhibition. The issue of cooperation with pharmaceutical companies in India has been discussed. It was agreed to continue the dialogue in the framework of the Vibrant Gujarat International Forum, which will take place January 11–13, 2013 in the Indian state Gujarat, where the delegation of the Yaroslavl Region Government will take part. The Indian Embassy expressed its intention to support the visit.

Participant’s opinions:

Altogether the participants of the exhibitions are satisfied; they managed to extend their base of prospective partners substantially. This year 85 companies took part in the exhibition for the first time – most of the respondents outlined that they managed to get useful contacts and at the very least realize their expectations. All of the respondents expressed their wish to participate in the 20th anniversary exhibition next year. As for the companies which participate in the trade fair annually, for them the event was also a good possibility to meet their existing partners. Many of the respondents positively evaluated the qualitative composition of the visitors from all the Russian regions.

For example, Elena Manina, marketing manager at “Kamedis”, an Israeli company which took part in the exhibition for the first time commented that the exhibition made a very good impression on her team. According to Elena there were representatives of both large and small pharmacy chains from Moscow and Russian regions.

ACIpharm Vice President, Dr. Kartic Sahay, positively evaluated the participation results. The company managed not only to introduce their products in Russia for the first time but also to find partners, who can certify it and assist with opening of a representative office in Russia. “We are really happy to see such an interest towards our product from the visitors of Apteka. This year we are interested in entering the Russian market. Hopefully next year we will take part in order to promote our products”.

Sergey Medvedev, Head of the Sales Department at Nevis Trading House – his company has been participating in the exhibition for 15 year in a row. This year Sergey and his colleagues gathered an impressive portfolio of prospective partners. As for the qualitative composition of the visitors, Sergey pointed out “Taking into account the trends of the pharmaceutical market, there are noticeably more representatives of the non-pharmaceutical branch among the visitors. This year we also noticed a surge among the visitors, offering participation in tender sales for hospitals. ”

The Organizer of the exhibition implies new promotion tools every year:

Direct Mail:

3800 invitations were mailed to hospitals and health centres in order to attract medical industry professionals from 18 regions.


The promotion of the exhibition in the Internet was implied through:
-banner advertising on leading industry websites;
contextual advertising
- website optimisation


10000 invitations were sent across Russia to governmental health institutions, hospitals, pharmacies and dentistries.


All the latest news was received and published by over 100 printing media, which support the exhibition Apteka.

Our industry partners: Pharmaceutical Herald, Remedium Group, Pharmacist, Retail Pharmacist, Moscow Pharmacies, Pharmaceutical Review, medlinks.ru.

Social Networks:

Euroexpo has a strong presence on Facebook, vkontakte, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, which allows a constant communication with its audience to keep them updated with the very latest show news and announcements as they happen.

E-mail -Marketing:

The targeted and extensive e-mail campaign was based on our customers data base from previous years and allowed us to communicate with over 15 000 people. The results and trends were carefully analyzed to build and grow the event in 2013.

Outdoor advertising:

Outdoor advertising ensured visual notification of targeted audience.

Audio advertising in the Metro:

11 adverts a day were aired across all the Metro stations for 5 days. The event was instrumental in reaching out to the event’s local target audience.

A mobile directory-guide with all the necessary information was developed in order to make the venue even more convenient for the visitors. The list of exhibitors, numbers of their stands and contact information, floor plan, navigation and business program were available for downloading at http://bit.ly/aptk-guide (developer – NeoNavigation) for iPhone and Android owners.

We are looking forward to seeing you next year at the 20th International
Specialized Medical and Pharmaceutical Products Trade Fair Apteka 2013
from December 9-12 in Pavilion # 7 at CEC Expocentre!


The History of Exhibition:

In 1994, the exhibition was held at the Central Exhibition Hall «Manezh» (CEH «Manege»). Since 1999, the exhibition is held in the Sports Complex «Olimpiysky» (SC «Olympic»). In the period since 1994, «Apteka» was held in Moscow and other Russian cities for more than 17 times (St. Petersburg, Kiev and others).

In 2009, the exhibition company «Euroexpo» and CEC «Expocentre» join their forces for the simultaneous holding of two major exhibitions on medical and pharmaceutical topics — theInternational Exhibition «Apteka» and the International Exhibition «Zdravoohranenie» — as part of RUSSIAN HEALTH CARE WEEK. Starting from this point APTEKA is held annually at Expocentre Fairgrounds.

In April 2011 the exhibition is recognized by the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) and has received the official status «UFI Approved Event».

Euroexpo Company
Organizer: Euroexpo Company (www.euroexpo.ru)

Euroexpo, LLC is the largest organizer of exhibitions and conferences in Russia. The company was founded in 1992.

The main focus of Euroexpo activity is the organization of international specialized exhibitions. There are 11 specialized exhibitions in various areas held annually: DOMESTIC CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS (DCM); CLIMATE WORLD (HVAC&R equipment); GARDENTOOL (Tools and equipment for gardens and parks); PISCINA MOSCOW (Swimming pools exhibition, a joint project with Fira de Barcelona); WORLD. INFORMATION. COMMUNICATIONS (Telecommunications equipment, control systems, information technology and communications services); APTEKA (Pharmaceutical Exhibition); BARBEQUE EXPO; Otdykh LEISURE (Trade Fair for Travel and Tourism); MIBEXPO Russia (Business tourism); LUXURY Leisure (Luxury and exclusive tourism); MITEX (Tools, equipment and manufacturing technologies).

Each event is accompanied by a massive advertising campaign in the mass media.

The high quality level of organization and holding of exhibitions by Euroexpo is recognized by government organizations and international professional associations. Since August 2000, Euroexpo is a member of Moscow Chamber of Commerce (MCC), and since December 2001, it is a full member of Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs (RUEF). In 2010, the Exhibition Company Euroexpo became a full member of the World Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) in the category of «Organizer of the exhibitions». The sign UFI shows recognition by the international community of high organizational level of events and is considered to be one of the highest achievements in the exhibition business.

Euroexpo constantly improves the quality level of the exhibition service for exhibitors and visitors. The company was among the first in the region that have successfully implemented and certified the quality management system (QMS) in accordance with the requirements of international quality standard ISO 9000 in the leading certification system BQI (Bureau Quality International).

Exhibitions by Euroexpo promote the development of the market in which they specialize, the establishment of business contacts, increase of business ties and prosperity of business.


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