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The first workshops of the International Medical and Pharmaceutical Business Forum took place on the 3rd of December


The first workshops of the International Medical and Pharmaceutical Business Forum took place on the 3rd of December:

  1. Development and implementation of reforms in pharmaceutical sphere.
  2. Pharmaceutical production in the period of common economic space formation (Association of Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers)
  3. How to increase pharmacy business profitability in the competitive environment.

Besides, the Administration of Altai Territory held a round table “Unique Altai products for the nation’s health improvement”. Enterprises from the Altai Territory will present their unique products made out of animal and herbal raw material, as well as cosmeceutics based on it. Experts from these companies will make reports about the state of research; production levels of finished pharma products and application of natural therapeutic products based on velvet antlers in SPA; domestic market demand for products of reindeer antlers; innovation in research and application of finished drugs particular features for their promotion in the domestic market; application of velvet antlers products for nation’s health promotion.

Polar company invited everybody to its workshop “Technological aspects of eyewear sales in pharmacies and pharmacy chains” within the International Medical and Pharmaceutical Business Forum. Following issues will be discussed:

  1. Regulatory and legal framework in the sale of eyewear.
  2. Main features of optics department
    • a) eye-glass rims;
    • b) main types of eye-glass lenses and specific features of processing;
    • c) ready-made glasses;
    • d) sunglasses;
    • e) accessories.
  3. Special features of eyewear sales in pharmacies.

The sessions have been very intense, still some guests managed to visit several in one day and to find out about the most significant trends of the pharmaceutical market development in Russia.

Anna Shvaneva a pharmacy owner from Yakutia said that “the information environment of Apteka was very efficient”. She also expressed hope that “thanks to such events smaller players of the market would get more attention and their interests would also be taken into account”.

Head of an information centre Pharmacist from Novosibirsk, Svetlana Kireeva, visited the first Apteka exhibition in 1993. She made a note of pivotal changes which have taken place in these 19 years. “Back then suppliers and distributors were searching for their pharmacies. Today it is all about adoption of new technologies”. Ms. Kireeva also took part in the Forum: “For me it was interesting to hear about the planned amendments to the Federal medical products law firsthand, from the lawmakers. When you work with pharmacies it is very important to get the information in advance... There was a time when the exhibitions have almost lost their significance, but now they have recovered. There is a hunger for information and people are using rumors. Such events allow you to get all the necessary information firsthand ”. Next year Svetlana Kireeva plans not only to visit the exhibition but also to apply for participation as an exhibitor.

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