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The list of exhibitors of Apteka 2011


260 companies from 22 countries of the world will take part in APTEKA 2011. Countries represented at APTEKA — Belgium, Belarus, Croatia, Canada, Czech Republic, China, Denmark, England, Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, Kazakhstan, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Pakistan, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Ukraine, USA. Some of these countries are represented by national expositions — among them are Belgium, India, Kazakhstan and China.

Russia is represented by the following regions and cities — Barnaul, Biisk, Bryansk, Essentuki, Ivanovo, Kazan, Murmansk, Novosibirsk, Nizhni Novgorod, Naberezhnye Chelny, Penza, Perm, Ryazan, Rybinsk, St.-Petersburg, Stavropol, Samara Tomsk, Vladimir region, the Voronezh region.

Please see the final list of exhibitors here — http://www.aptekaexpo.com/about/uch.php.

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