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The exhibitor, company “Parapharm”, will present “Osteomed”


The company «Parapharm» was established in 1995 in Penza. Since the moment of the company establishment there had been performing extensive work on finding out new ways of processing medicinal herbs, allowing bringing to the people all the useful properties of medicinal plants. That’s why we decided to use cryochopper allowing chopping carefully «live» components of a plant at very low temperature, separating all the mechanical impurities, such as ground, and kill bacteria, and thus more fully reveal all of its healing properties. This technology is called «Secrets of Longevity», which includes tablet preparations of herbs: nettle, licorice, hypericum, elecampane, and many others.

Top positions of «Parapharm» LLC are as follows: Valeriana P, Motherwort P, Echinacea P, Eleutherococcus P, Senna-D. One of the latest developments of the company is dietary supplement «Osteomed», which has became the epoch-making discovery for medical and preventive impact in conditions concerned with osteoporosis.

Nowadays the market is congested with calcic preparations. The next question is: what is «Osteomed» different from them? And the answer is very simple. The composition of «Osteomed» includes well known in folk medicine and traditional medicine components: calcium organic compounds — calcium citrate and drone brood.

The introduction of drone brood is explained as follows. Drone brood is a donator of entomological reproductive sex hormones that have a stimulating effect on the reproductive functions of men and women. Medicated with hormones and vitamins that are not hormones replacements, drone brood is effective in endocrine profile disorders, acts a stimulant of the central mechanisms regulating the intensity of androgens appearance of and excludes the possibility of substitution therapy.

Thus, the use of calcium compounds is directed to the additional pabulum of the body with calcium, and the use of drone brood favors the keeping and the use of calcium in the body for its intended purpose by means of maintaining the level of androgens. It should be emphasized that the drone brood is full of vitamins and, in particular, vitamin D, which increases the absorption of calcium preparations and allows not taking vitamin D additionally. Combined use of calcium compounds and drone brood and reduces the daily dosage of calcium compounds, which protects the human body from the problem of calcium accretion in the kidneys (lithogenesis) and in the other organs.

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