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06.06.2017 BIOTECHFARM is a new exhibitor at APTEKA 2017

06.06.2017 BERGUS Ltd. to participate at APTEKA-2017

12.12.2016 Post release Apteka 2016

05.12.2016 Welcome Address of Victor Dmirtyev, General Director of the Association of Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

05.12.2016 Welcome Address of Galina Petrukhina, Executive Secretary of the Russian Association of Pharmaceutical Marketing

05.12.2016 Welcome Address of Nelly Ignatiyeva, Executive Director of the Russian Association of Pharmacy Chains

05.12.2016 Words of welcome by Dmitry Kurochkin, Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation

11.11.2016 PE Dzyuba is a new exhibitor of "APTEKA"

11.11.2016 Virta centre is a new exhibitor at APTEKA

11.11.2016 Master class "Modern Pharmacy: Secrets of improving pharmaceutical sales efficiency"

11.11.2016 Bon-L Group to exhibit at "APTEKA"

03.11.2016 Participant of the exhibition “APTEKA” Company “PharmHub” is developer of online procurement system for pharmacies and cliniks.

02.11.2016 RealCosmetics is a new “APTEKA-2016” exhibitor

02.11.2016 Kvadrat-S to exhibit at “APTEKA”

02.11.2016 Fantasy is a new “Apteka” exhibitor

01.11.2016 Registration of medicines and medical equipment: how effective collaboration between manufacturer and consulting company helps save time and money

14.09.2016 MP DISTRIBUZIONE is a new “APTEKA-2016” exhibitor

07.09.2016 “Belfarma”, a regular exhibitor of “APTEKA” exhibition

06.09.2016 Likopid, a biosynthetic medication produced by JSC Peptech

06.09.2016 VIVAX is a new “APTEKA-2016” exhibitor

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