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International Medical and Pharmaceutical Business Forum

Preliminary Programme

3 — 5 December 2018

3 December, Monday

Hall 1

13.30 — 15.30

Pharmaceutical industry in 2018: focus on efficiency

  • Pharmaceutical market in Russia. Expectations and growth drivers
  • Inefficiency as a major healthcare problem in resource-limited conditions. Inefficiency areas.
  • Repeal of monetization and medication insurance as a way to effective medicine provision for the population
  • Pricing and price controlling of pharmaceutical products. Balance of interests of consumers and manufacturers
  • Digital technologies in the pharmaceutical industry: prospects for telemedicine health care services and innovative technologies development
  • Current situation with qualified personnel availability in the pharmaceutical industry. How to overcome the personnel shortage?

16.00 — 18.00

A pharmacy that makes profit

  • Main trends and tendencies in the pharmacy market in 2018-2019
  • What pharmacy chains will survive and show profit in 2019-2020?
  • New technologies for assortment and pricing management, or why after 2021 there will be no chains without category management
  • Model of efficient interaction of the pharmacy chains with pharmaceutical manufacturers and associations, or how to increase marketing payments without unrealistic plans and overstocking

Hall 2

14.00 — 16.00

Digital technologies for pharmacy profitability increasing and efficient distance learning of staff

Organizer: “Pharmznanie”

  • Marketing contracts with manufacturers through an online platform
  • Pharmacy business margin increase by means of FarmMarket online platform
  • Continuous medical and pharmaceutical education: topical issues, development prospects
  • Additional education for the pharmacy staff: efficiency assessment, quality improvement

4 December, Tuesday

Hall 1

10.30 — 12.30

Retail pharmaceutical franchising: is it more likely alive?

Organizer: Russian Association of Pharmaceutical Marketing

  • Franchising in pharmaceutical industry: who needs it and what for?
  • What models entered the permanent orbit, and what burned in the dense layers of successful franchising models of case studies in Russia
  • Analysis of the pharmaceutical franchising abroad
  • Perspective models and the following growth points of franchising in retail

13.00 — 15.00

Portrait of the year 2018

Organizer: Russian Association of Pharmacy Chains

  • Confrontation between pharmacies and food retail. Reservation of right to sell medicines in pharmacies only
  • Prospects and threats of online drug trading regulation
  • Labelling medicines: main requirements
  • Development trends of the retail pharmaceutical market

15.30 — 17.30

Changes in the retail pharmaceutical market: consolidation of pharmacy chains, total labelling of medicines, prospects for sales in supermarkets and online trading

Organizer: ASNA pharmacy chain

  • Big and small pharmacy chains. Marathon is a victory of the endurance and the power of mind. Who will eventually win and how do we see the pharmacy chain market in the next 5-10 years?
  • Drug labelling as an opportunity to make transparent the entire supply chain. Who wants this, and who does not need it at all. A completely transparent pharmaceutical market: is it possible to achieve?
  • Alternative sales channels for drugs and other pharmacy products. Sale of medicines in supermarkets and on the Internet. What is the goal: to increase accessibility for the people or to compete with traditional pharmacies?
  • Association of pharmacies in Russia. It’s getting narrow in the blue ocean, isn’t it time to create a new blue ocean?

Hall 2

13.00 — 15.00

Cooperation with patients. Effective partnership models.
Interactive educational gaming session “When? How? What?” for efficient communication with pharmacy customers

Organizer: “Pharmaceutical Vestnik” newspaper

  • How to determine quickly the optimal communication form with the consumer and to offer him/her a comprehensive package of pharmacy products?
  • What arguments in favour of the proposed choice do work?
  • What to remind the client, and what to warn against?
  • How to deal with objections and much more...?
  • Team game with prizes and gifts from sponsors

5 December, Friday

Hall 1

10.30 — 12.30

Control and supervision of drug and healthcare products circulation. New norms and regulations

  • Modern forms of control and supervision of drug and healthcare products circulation
  • Introduction of phased labelling of medicinal products
  • Review and adoption of new regulations on pharmaceutical activity and activities related to narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors circulation

13.30 — 15.00

Distance learning in pharmaceutical industry: how not to be left behind and keep pace the modern trends?

Organizer: “Farmclub” company

  • Myths about distance learning inefficiency. The experience of creating an online learning environment for pharmacy staff
  • Is it possible to develop skills remotely? How to involve pharmacy staff in training carefully and ecologically?
  • Introduction of e-Learning. Partner model for online education or your own educational platform?
  • The role of the remote component in the manufacturer’s marketing programme

15.30 — 17.30

Battle for the buyer: to attract and to retain

Organizer: “Russian Pharmacies” magazine

  • The main goal in increasing competition environment is to convert a casual buyer into a regular customer
  • How to do it? What aspects of pharmacy activities require increased attention?
  • Coordinated work: within a single pharmacy or the whole chain?
  • Traditional interactive game with prizes from the Russian Pharmacies" magazine

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